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Founded in 1987, Visiativ, initially AGS (Alternext Paris code “ALVIV”) is the European leader in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and collaborative (Business Process Managment) software. Its mission: Accelerate the digital transformation of companies based on the dual know-how of software integrator and publisher of innovative technological solutions. Visiativ transforms companies into a visionary, innovative and collaborative Smart Enterprise, enabling them to develop their know-how and ensure their growth in a sustainable way. Visiativ has more than 500 employees and 13,000 customers worldwide and is the largest integrator of CAD and BPM solutions in Europe.

In 2009, AGS changed its name to VIsiativ, regrouping all its subsidiaries under the same name: Axemble for the integration of CAD-Solidworks software; Visiativ Software for publishing software VDoc: collaborative software BPM / EDM and dematerialization, VDoc QHSE (quality software), VDoc Easysite (portal creation software Intranet / extranet), Isotools (E-commerce); Visiativ Solutions for the integration of PLM software Dassault systems.

In 2014, Visiativ was listed on the Alternext Paris market. This entry allowed the group to strengthen its position as a European leader in the world of CAD and BPM.

Visiativ currently has the best portfolio of Solidworks and BPM customers for the medium and large sized companies in the market.

Founded over 30 years ago, Esker has become one of the world leaders in dematerialization solutions.

Present across the globe with more than 11,000 customers, Esker achieves 40% of its turnover on the Canadian and American markets.

Its strength lies in dematerialized tools to manage business key processes. For example, the management of the invoice suppliers (Purchase to pay or P2P), but also the management of the customer orders (Order to cash or O2C) including the Rules Management and a CRM Collection Management. Fully integrated with leading ERP (management software) such as SAP, JDEdwards, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Divalto, Esker acts as the perfect companion.

Esker’s solutions are available in both SAAS and On-premise.

Their mission: Ecological management of the company by reducing the energy footprint with paperless paper.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq code “MSFT”) is the world leader in software, services and internet technologies in the fields of personal and management computing. Its mission is to help companies around the world to evolve optimally with the right tools. Microsoft has more than 70,000 employees globally, including 800 in Canada.

In 2000, Microsoft entered the business solutions market with the acquisition of Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP) and created the Microsoft Business Solutions division, which today brings together four ERP solutions and a CRM solution.

In 2005, Microsoft launched the “Microsoft Dynamics” brand to market its ERP and CRM business solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics brings together all ERP and CRM business solutions to automate and improve business processes in the areas of finance, customer relations, manufacturing, and supply chain management. These integrated and adaptable solutions work in complete harmony with other Microsoft softwares including Office suite.

Founded in 1977, Oracle (NASDAQ code “ORCL”) is the world leader in specialized software for companies, databases and newly, enterprise servers (Sun Microsystem acquisition). Its mission: To provide companies with the best management tools, both hardware and software. Oracle has more than 85,000 employees worldwide and is the leading software company for medium and large enterprises.

In 2004, Oracle acquired Peoplesoft and became one of the largest providers of management software in the world, along with three of the top five international software packages: Peoplesoft, JDEdwards and Oracle Business suite.

In 2006, Oracle embarked on a series of acquisitions aimed at offering its customers the best specialized software available. Oracle is making, among other things, the acquisition of Siebel (considered the best CRM on the market), Hyperion, Dementra, Primavera and Agile.

Today, Oracle software brings together the best portfolio of business software in the market.

Founded in 1982, Divalto is a major player in the world of management solutions (ERP) for companies with 1 to 5,000 employees. Its mission: to provide comprehensive and user-friendly management tools, particularly adapted to the world of SMEs. Divalto has more than 11,000 customers worldwide and is supported by a network of more than 300 integrator partners.

In 2001, Divalto regrouped its modules into a single and unique product: Divalto ERP. This evolution allowed them to offer a complete software in the market while remaining flexible.

In 2011, they modernized their range of software and created Divalto Infinity, Divalto iZy, Divalto Idyllis. These three different products with their own functionalities allow more flexibility to answer SME needs.

Divalto is THE management software for SMEs in the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors.



Founded in 1995, DIMO Software has experienced 20 years of development and strong growth to become a leader in management software. Its mission: to provide specialized and user-friendly management solutions, particularly adapted to the world of SMEs. To date, Dimo Software has more than 6,000 customers worldwide and is supported by a network of more than 80 integrator partners.

Dimo Software via its subsidiary Dimo Maint offers a complete range of maintenance software for all company sizes.

Founded over 15 years ago, Infineo has become one of the european leaders in reporting tool embedded in Microsoft Excel. Initially designed to work with Excel, Infineo has, over time, created many APIs with major ERP software vendors (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage and recently Divalto).

Its strength lies in simplify the daily use of Excel and make reports accessible to non-expert users.

Positioned between Excel reports and those generated by BI (Business Intelligence) tools, the software developed by Infineo is very popular with companies that do not have technical IT resources.

Infineo’s solutions are available in On-premise or SAAS and can be used on different mobile devices (tablet and phone)

Their mission: offer a simple alternative to BI tools.