Document Management
– GED –

Organize your documents,
become faster.

The latest versions of your documents, easily accessible.

Often a poor relation of digital transformation, document management should nevertheless be one of the major challenges, as its impact is great on the image and therefore the reputation of your company.

Well managed, it solidifies your overall image. On the other hand, any management failure will cause a disorganization visible to all.

Moovapps GED, is the leading software in dematerialization and document centralization. It allows you a complete document organization, meeting the highest standards in force (GFSI, ISO, HACCP, etc …), while acting as a collaborative dynamizer with your ecosystem by allowing them to interact and exchange in real time.

Its functions of life cycle, traceability and management of exchanges around documents, validation and dissemination, will allow you to manage your applicable documents in a single repository.


Centralization and dematerialization of the management of your documents
Document process management and collaborative work
Integration with your office tools and capture tools
Security and privacy
Moovapps offers a collaborative, complete and integrated suite.
  • Business Process Management (Quality, Finance, HR, Customer Services, IT…),
  • Document management (quality documentary vault)
  • Document dematerialization,
  • Content dissemination: Intranet/Extranet,

Designed for application people, Moovapps is fully customizable and without development.

Moovapps is the single platform at the center of the company where employees, customers and suppliers communicate.

SharePoint, offre une solution collaborative complète

• Business Process Management (finance, RH, IT…)
• Espace documentaire,
• Diffusion de contenu : Intranet/Extranet,

Complètement intégré à l’environnement Microsoft Office 365 et Dynamics CRM, AX, GP, NAV.

SharePoint est la boite à outil idéale pour développer des portails collaboratifs et des processus métiers

minutes per user
is the average time saving to find a document?

times faster,
to process a customer ticket

of constant effective salary
of adverse events

tons of paper
saved in 3 years