Workflow BPM

Optimize your business processes with Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)

A planning and organization tool tailored to your business needs

Dematerialize your workflows with ease. Replace paper documents with digital files.

Automate your internal and external processes: by modeling your procedures, forms, and your own validation and action cycles.

Save time thanks to its ability to integrate. BPM is at the heart of your information system (ERP, CRM, CAD, …)

Access reliable and relevant information always.

Keep track of the actions taken by your employees, customers, and partners.

Automate tasks without added value.


Business process modeling and dynamic form adaptation

Connecting to information systems
Traceability and real-time indicator

Moovapps offers a collaborative, complete and integrated suite.

  • Business Process Management (Quality, Finance, HR, Customer Services, IT…),
  • Document management (quality documentary vault),
  • Document dematerialization,
  • Content dissemination: Intranet/Extranet,

Designed for application people, Moovapps is fully customizable and without development.

Moovapps is the single platformat the center of the company where employees, customers and suppliers communicate.

Some frequently automated processes


  • Nonconformity
  • Corrective/Preventive Action
  • Deviation
  • Audit Management
  • Calibration


  • Invoice dematerialization
  • Purchase request
  • Budget application and validation
  • Creation of new customers / suppliers

R&D / Design offices

  • Validation of internal / customer technical drawings
  • Engineering Change Request
  • Request for quotation
  • Sample management


  • Launch of new products
  • Product code creation
  • Management of commercial documentation
  • Customer Satisfaction Management

Human resources

  • Request for leave
  • Newcomer Management
  • Training Request
  • Annual evaluation interview


  • Expenditure account
  • Customer complaint management
  • Room reservation
  • Creation and preparation of a board of directors


  • Management of calls for tenders
  • Creation of customer file
  • Project submission creation
  • Mobile order taking

IT Support

  • Helpdesk intervention request
  • Tracking computer profiles
  • Contract Management
  • IT investment request