Maintenance software
– CMMS –

An essential tool that will propel your efficiency.

Dimo Maint.
The leader is him!

DIMO Maint has been the leader in CMMS for more than 25 years. With this full range of scalable and easy-to-deploy solutions, it has established itself in all sectors of the industry.

Profits per tonne.

Dimo Maint works…
With you.
Preventive and corrective maintenance management
Asset Management
Scheduling work orders and technicians
Spare parts inventory management
Purchasing procedure
Budget Management
Dashboard and performance indicators (MTBF, MTTR…)
Dimo Maint works…
For you.
Improve the planning of interventions and machine downtime
Improve the availability and reliability of your equipment fleet and extend its service life
Reduce equipment downtime and costs
Improve your inventory management and decrease its value
Optimize your purchasing management
Improve traceability to meet regulatory constraints

Trusted software

The essential tool for the management of the maintenance department.

— 25 years of experience in CMMS —

It’s simple.
It is open, flexible, and perfectly adapted to SMEs.

— 4000 customers worldwide —

It’s still simple.
Dimo Maint increases productivity.

— 98% of users
recommend Dimo Maint —

Satisfied customers

brought by Dimo Maint

He does what others do.
And what they don’t do.
  • Improved cost control 71.2% 71.2%
  • Improved maintenance times 70.1% 70.1%
  • Improved maintenance planning 69% 69%
  • Improved feedback 65% 65%
  • Reduced hardware costs 62% 62%
  • Improved spare parts management 57.4% 57.4%
  • Improved reliability 55.2% 55.2%
  • Increased availability 54.1% 54.1%


A very mobile software.
Who never leaves you?
  • Available on phones and tablets
  • Android and iOS
  • Off-grid “offline” mode
  • Request Management
  • Work order management
  • Intervention management
  • And much more

DimoMaint CMMS
is adapted to your needs

Dimo Maint MX
Head in the clouds.
With the agility of the Cloud.
  • 100% Web Software, SAAS
  • Innovative ergonomics
  • Responsive screen, widget configuration, navigation flexibility with tabs, favorite menus
  • Management of schedules, skills
  • Multi-language, multi-time zone, multi-currency
  • Cross-platform: PC, tablet and smartphone app
  • Manage your business from a single screen
  • Simplify the work of your technicians and improve their productivity
  • Anticipate and make interventions more reliable
  • Easily deploy your project internationally
  • CMMS in constant evolution to meet the needs of customers
  • Parameters adapted by profession: supervisor, technician, applicant, guest profile
  • Connected natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage X3
Dimo Maint OM
the most complete on the market!
DIMO Maint OM, a new version of Optimaint, has become in 25 years a reference in the world of CMMS (ComputerIzed Maintenance Management) software.
  • On-premises or private cloud installation
  • Cross-platform: PC, tablet, and smartphone app
  • Complete equipment management (multi-tree, cost tracking by equipment, failure tree)
  • Complete management of interventions: preventive, corrective, campaigns, TPM, etc.
  • Complete inventory and purchasing management (Sage X3 connectors, Divalto)
  • Management of subcontracts
  • Module of approach costs (landing costs)
  • Budget and project module
  • Integrated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): MTBF, MTTR and others
  • Integrated trail audit module (FDA CFR Part 11)
  • Multi-currency, multi-company
  • Unlimited intervention request module (web, client-server, or mobile application)
  • Issuing barcodes and/or QR codes


Everything for everything.
Dimo Main… It’s packed with functionality.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customize screen views by profile: widgets, menu options, alerts
  • Important data at your fingertips at any time
  • Real-time overview of activities


  • Asset tree
  • Equipment sheet
  • Improve your parts inventory management
  • Health and safety lockout procedures

Intervention Requests and Work Orders

  • Centralize and simplify communication between applicants, supervisors, and technicians
  • Quick input screen
  • Monitor job status
  • Receive email notifications

Preventive Maintenance

  • DimoMaint is a powerful tool to facilitate your preventive maintenance.
  • Automatic triggers
  • Calendars (pm, counters)
  • Reserve your resources: parts, labor, subcontracting
  • Schedule downtime
  • Associate technical files


  • User-friendly and powerful calendar tailored to your organization
  • Better visibility into your maintenance activities
  • Optimize the planning of your technicians and assets

Parts and purchasing management


  • Information available at your fingertips at your fingertips
  • Automatic notifications
  • Available in offline mode

Analytics Reports

  • Monitor KPIs to make better informative decisions
  • Data available in real time