An intuitive solution to support your quality policy

Whether you have a certification or not, quality assurance requires a compliant document management system. Completely quality oriented, Moovapps Document Management manages your documents in accordance with various ISO standards, HACCP, GFSI, Health Canada and more.

From document creation to life cycle management, to approvals (including e-signatures), you can manage versions, and deliver information in one easy system. Everyone can consult the documents that concerns them at any time and on any device (computer, phone, tablet).

Produce, organize, add value and share documents in a simple and efficient way while keeping a history of actions performed by you and your collaborators.

With Moovapps, companies have a powerful tool to:

  • Create documents from a template
  • Define lifecycles and validation cycles of your documents
  • Review and manage versions of a document
  • Manage access rights to documents (by users, groupes, departments, type of documents)
  • Share documents
  • Consult and search documents online
  • Advance search features
  • Archive documents and ensure traceability
  • Obtain valuable reports (key performance indicators)
  • Process and automate efficient workflows 
  • Dematerilize documents

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Moovapps Process offers a collaborative, complete and integrated suite.

• Business Process Management (Quality, Finance, HR, Customer Service, IT and more)
• Document Management System
• Paperless
• Share content via an Intranet/Extranet portal

Created for managers and supervisors, Moovapps is entirely customizable without any programming.

Moovapps is a unique platform at the center of your organization where employees, customers and suppliers collaborate.

Examples of automated workflows

  • Non Conformance Reports (NCRs)
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Deviations
  • Audit management
  • Change management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Healthy and Safety management
  • Calibration
  • Customer complaints

Manage Non Conformance Reports (NCRs)

Assign and follow up on actions

Paperless audits and inspections

Monitor key performance indicators

Moovapps Document Management is the document management solution dedicated to quality

Moovapps Document Management (EDM) is the leading software in dematerialization and document centralization. It transforms electronic documents and exchanges in a shared repository while remaining compliant to standards (GFSI, ISO, HACCP and more). It acts as a collaborative dynamizer with your ecosystem by allowing them to interact and exchange in real time.

Life cycles, traceability, collaboration, validation, publication and full-text search features will allow you to manage your applicable documents in a single repository.

A centralised and electronic document management

Manage workflows and collaborators

Integration with office tools

Security and confidentiality