Business Process Optimisation


Let our team optimize your business processes

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For over 10 years, Tema Solutions is specialized in business process optimization (Workflows) with its dual expertise in:

– ERP Management Software for the transactional aspect of business processes
– Workflow Software like Moovapps for the collaboration aspect

Tema Solutions provides the perfect range of products to transform your information systems into collaborative, reliable and flexible tools making it possible to enhance your optimization approach.

The primary purpose is to support companies in organizational improvement who are implementing a new ERP management system or are improving an existing one.


Business process optimisation consist of improving the company’s operations processes. This optimisation can be carried out before the implementation of a new ERP software according to the circumstances.

Companies usually adapt to existing tools and software. This forces employees to use poor methodologies or to create external tools.

The introduction of a new management software (ERP) is the perfect time to improve business process. In this case, the optimization is done before and during the implementation.

While other companies already work with optimized and controlled processes, it is advisable to conserve them during an implementation. Over time, business processes are bound to evolve. A regular analysis is suggested in order to adapt to the new realities of a company.

Key factors for successful organization change:

  • Change must take into account a company’s orientation(current and future)
  • Managers and employees must work collaboratively to ensure that this change meets everyone’s needs
  • Communication between the different stakeholders is important at each stage of change
  • Tangible benefits must be identified as arising from this change

The main steps of process optimization are:

  • Analysis of current processes
  • Identify needs
  • Proposal for changes or improvements
  • Implementation of changes or improvements according to a schedule (short, medium and long term)
  • Return on the impact of this change